Another Fabulous milonga, Saturday the 28th of May at Lo de Barbarita, the home of TangoVallarta
Froy and MiriiamE-MAIL.

Argentine Tango classes, dances and events
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are alive and kicking butt in Puerto Vallarta

Did you ever see one of the great tango shows like Tango Argentino or Forever Tango or, perhaps, Tango X2 and say to yourself, “I wonder if I could do that! Our answer to you is, “Yes you can”!!!!! And you can do it in Paradise. TangoVallarta has weekly group classes for all levels, weekly practilongas (a combination of a Practica and a Milonga), by-monthly Milongas, at Lo de Barbarita, private lessons for single persons or couples and intensive workshops with Maestros from the afueras. Once a year, usually in the middle of February, we have major Tango ball called El Milongon. Next February will be our 12th annual. All this awaits your pleasure in Mexico’s number one tourist destination. All you have to do is show up!!!

Miriam & Froy2

Classes with / Clases con Miriam Gutiérrez y
Froyamel Corro

Begin / empiezan Wed. /
Miercoles 13 Enero 2016
8-9:30 pm at J&B Dancing Club

Fco. Medina Ascencio 2043

$200 pesos mx por mes/monthly

$70 pesos por clase/per class

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