Tango Videos

On this page we intend to post videos of great dancers performing dances that exemplify what we are currently working on in the class.

First here is a video of Gustavo and Gisele doing a salon style tango played by DiSarli. Notice the economy of movement and the quietness of the upper body

Argentine Tango:Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne

Pretty damn good!!!! The next video is Argentine Milonga:Ney Melo & Virginia Pandolfi – LA ESPUELA .

Notice the combination of milonga lisa and tras pie and, of course, the quietness of the upper body. The shoulders are almost always parallel to the floor


This coming November we are thrilled to welcome back Miriam and Froyamel, who enchanted Puerto Vallarta last February with their dancing, teaching  and friendship . . .

and thank you! Elena Hiatt Houlihan for recording these videos  in Club J&B and Lo de Barbarita.